How To Remove Members From Line Groups

Ocean App, well at the meeting now I will hold a tutorial for you Line users are How to Remove or kick Members Of Line Groups. This method is certainly suitable for you a member of a group in Line and you want to remove group members who are not rules. Actually the tutorial I will share is easy, but for beginners it is certainly very useful. For beginners be it on Android and on the iPhone. For PC users can also.

How To Remove Members From Line Groups
For example here I am using Application Line on Android.
1. Make sure you are in one of the groups in the Line.
2. Touch the Note option in the top menu bar.

3. Then touch or select Members.

4. Touch Edit.

5. Please kick the members who do not meet the rules by selecting Remove. Very simple is not it? please use the above tutorial in a positive way, watch out not to be kicker because it harms you and other group members. Especially for groups who have or installed Siri after you kick 5+ more members will surely be affected by Kick by the SIRI.

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